James M. Storm was raised in San Diego, California, USA.  Fascinated with adventure films of the early 80’s, James armed himself with the family video camera at the amazing age of six and began writing, directing, and acting in his own self-produced “backyard movies.”  As he grew, James recruited the local neighborhood kids into his productions, which quickly grew from a creative outlet into an elaborate self-discipline.  By the end of high school, James had already produced over 40 films, most of which were full-length feature films complete with original story and direction.  These early productions included several medieval epic adventures as well as a feature-length “Indiana Jones” type movie complete with an all-original story written by James at the age of fifteen. 

Most notably of these early films was his 2001 film titled Beyond Nargidia.  This is a science fiction epic adventure written, directed, and starred by James. Widely considered his magnum opus, Beyond Nargidia took over four years to produce and resulted in a two hour special-effect extravaganza boasting elaborate costumes, detailed props, and unparalleled action sequences, including heart stopping real-life stunt work.   By this point, James had successfully completed his life long goal of launching his digital film production company, J.S. Company Productions.

By 2004, James produced his next most significant film titled, Mountain Survival, an all original action adventure thriller produced entirely by the newly created J.S. Co. Productions Studio.  Continuing James’ trademark style of real life action stunts, Mountain Survival was also notable as having the company’s first all original musical score produced by James’ hand-selected team of musicians and audio engineers.  Another noteworthy aspect of this film was that the film was shot almost entirely on location in some of Southern California’s most ruggedly beautiful natural forests and mountains. Mountain Survival premiered in November, 2004 at the Paradise Point Resort in San Diego, CA to an ecstatic crowd. Thus, cementing his reputation as a respected gorilla filmmaker.

As James continued to break ground and push the envelope with his next few films, his fan base began to grow with such films as his three hour long Adventures In Ultra Suburbia, a riveting teen angst rock and roll epic that has since grown a respectable cult following as well as his 2005 art film, Signs of Life.  


At a time when reality filmmaking was just gaining popularity, James broke new ground and astounded audiences with his 2007 documentary Beyond Human The Last Call.   This reality film takes the viewer on a first person journey into the famed Heaven’s Gate Cult Mansion.   The mansion was the grim location where the notorious cult had committed the largest mass suicide on American soil.  In this documentary, James and his crew return to the now dilapidated mansion (unauthorized) with an arsenal of night vision cameras and specialized equipment for an urban archeological exploration and pseudo ghost hunt. The film was actually completed by the end of 2005. James shelved the project for almost two years.The premiere date was strategically delayed so as to maximize publicity by withholding the film until it’s premiere date of March 26, 2007, the exact day of the ten-year anniversary of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide.   Beyond Human premiered at Xavier’s Film Club in San Diego, CA to an eager audience that packed the art house well beyond capacity, forcing the club to shut it’s doors to the public during the screening.  

Within the following years, James continued to produce a wide spectrum of features and short subject films growing his production company into a respected refuge for film experimentation as well as pushing into the realm of private commercial production.  Within the last decade, J.S. Co. Productions has been the leading media producer for several private companies including Swank Audio Visuals, CGI Communications, Michele Clark’s Sunset Sessions, DHL, Nuvasive medical Technologies and the prestigious financial institution Bachrach & Associates, Inc.  Having a presence within the local music community, James has also lent his talent for video production to several of Southern California’s popular local bands including Sixth Day, Bricklayer Bosh and Project Out of Bounds.

Despite his success within the private sector, James has never lost focus on the creative side of film production.  By 2009, J.S. Co. Productions became the premiere content producer for INDIETV.com.  Backed by world renown author/filmmaker, John O’Melveny Woods.   James has been the leading creative force behind INDIETV.com’s most notable promotions including the video trailers for Return to Treasure Island, Jesse James’ Secret, The Seekers, and feature films such as The Woman Who Cured Cancer, Treasure Files and The Karen Thorndike Story to name only a few. 

James’ dedication to art and creation goes well beyond film production.  In his off-time, James is constantly involved in a myriad of projects that include dirt bike riding, inventing, vintage motorcycle restoration, electric bike racing and skydiving.  James is also an avid painter, weekend survivalist, and a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiast.  As a traveler, James has come to appreciate history and culture, a lot of which is apparent in his many documentary travel films such as Panama From the Sky and the 2005 feature Signs of Life.   When not experimenting with film, James enjoys spending time with his family who he claims are his biggest support system.

In addition to his recreational endeavors, James has explored many other realms on the fringe of the filmmaking art form including live theater production, broadcast news, clothing design, and digital animation. 

Nearing his mid-thirties, James resides in San Diego, CA where his production company strives to continually create new and exciting film adventures.   James selects every project with great discernment being careful not to “replicate his own work” or re-invent the wheel.  Rather, James takes on only the projects that he feels advances his craft and adds depth to his already diverse portfolio of over 65 self-produced titles.  To date, his portfolio contains films from an array of subject matter from drama and comedy to documentary, and, of course, his genre of choice, the classic action adventure of which he is most well-known.  James has often been quoted as saying, “He loves filmmaking more than anything else as it’s the culmination of every other respected art form.”   It’s this attitude that James brings to every project that makes his work so artistically unique.He further states, “Film isn’t a singular craft, rather film is the medium that allows me to create as a writer, a painter, a designer, an actor,and a musician.” James considers all of these art forms vital to the story telling process.